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Project Status: 

The 2019 G.R.O.S.S. Awards is an initiative of the Future Hospital Program for Logan and Beaudesert Hospitals. The concept was based on the Honolulu Hospital, Hawaii, initiative of the same name. In high reliability organisations, they continuously seek perfection without ever reaching a "good enough" status - GROSS aimed to support the frontline staff to look within their own environment for things to improve upon.

Aims & Goals: 

The idea was to prompt staff to really look at their current work spaces, practices and work flow and identify non value adding activities (stupid stuff) they could reduce or eliminate with the help of their key stakeholders, and under the permission of their line manager, using Lean thinking.

We developed low level tools to help the teams to link what they were learning in Lean training about waste and measuring change to what we were asking them to do. And for those that have yet to have any Lean training - we started them on the journey using a few tools and different thinking.


Monday 28th October saw the inaugural G.R.O.S.S. Showcase where the 21 groups presented their ideas in 90 seconds to the hospital community and invited guests. All presenters did a fantastic job and gave their ideas justice. 

The winner was chosen via a People’s Choice poll open for the week leading up to the Showcase. The voting was in two categories – the first was the idea that most met the brief of getting rid of stupid stuff and the second vote was for the idea that would be most likely to spread beyond the initial unit.

The overall winner was G.R.O.S.S. S.T.U.F.F. (Get Rid of Stupid Stuff - Secure Transfer - User Friendly Functionality) - The introduction of Secure Web Transfer (SWT) to electronically send outpatient letters to GPs. ~$40,000 saved p.a. with no initial outlay as the system already existed.

All submissions are listed below listed by showcase presenter and submission author if this differs:

  • Adapting Paediatric Food Service Provision to Ensure Maximal Patient Engagement and Meal Choice –  Annie Kearsley-Pratt (submission by Tania Bennett)
  • Utilization of the CARPS System to Request Equipment from the CCES Unit – Robyn Lange
  • Ceasing Malnutrition Screening by Dietician Assistants – Tania Bennett
  • Logan Hospital Cheat Sheet Pharmacy – Aaron Van Garderen
  • Global Autotext Tool – Aaron Van Garderen
  • Document Management in CGU – Kelly Walker
  • Mortality Review Process – Kelly Walker (submission by Julie Pereira & Kelly Walker)
  • Improving the FEES-ibility of Instrumental Swallow Assessments on the Logan Hospital inpatient wards – Maria Schwarz (submission by Sarah Graham)
  • Getting Up To Speed: Medical Orientation in the Digital World – Rebecca Judd
  • GROSSSTUFF (Getting Rid Of Stupid Stuff – Secure Transfer – User Friendly Functionality) – Katrina Juhas & Justine Hook (submission by Sue Macpherson)
  • IHT App Referral Process to Beaudesert Hospital General Ward – Marlena Kussrow
  • Joint Tasks and Prefilled Buttons – Jennifer Kelly
  • Kinder Care, Mental Health - Electronic Template – Wesley Woodborne
  • LINKSS (Let’s Integrate Nursing Knowledge Surgical Services) – Jaimee Jensen
  • Modification & Clean Up Computer Files for Peritoneal Dialysis – Cassie Logan
  • Non- Urgent Emergency Surgical Cases Pathway – Beaudesert Hospital – Theresa Bott
  • Preventing Inappropriate Salem Sump Insertion for Enteral Feeding – Kathryn Howard (submission by Tania Bennett)
  • Retiring Pi5 – Penny Schofield
  • Save the Trees by Improving Paperwork Processes – Muireann Wynne (submission by Tracey Churchill)
  • Standardised Templates for Clinical Incident Analysis – Amie Samuels (submission by Kelly Walker)
  • Improvement in VTE Care Plans on Discharge in Maternity – Sally Porter
Lead Service / Stream: 
Kaizen, Lean, Quality Improvement
Last updated 25 November 2019