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Digital Signage at Metro South Hospitals

Project Status: 

Engaging patients, visitors and staff on the ground in our hospitals is one of our main communications challenges – we need to gain the attention of busy people in a hectic, stressful environment with many competing messages and distractions.
At present, to communicate in our hospitals, we mainly use static, traditional communication channels such as printed posters, brochures and flyers. Digital signage will take MSH messages into the heart of our hospitals in an engaging manner, with more scope for multimedia messaging, such as animations, video and sound.

The digital signs can be updated centrally, will provide information 24/7, and make media messaging in our hospitals faster, more efficient and more engaging. They will reduce staff workload and costs associated with producing and distributing posters and brochures.
This project will be trialled with the installation of two digital signs in prominent positions (such as a foyer or lift area) at two hospital sites (PA and Logan) with plans to expand more extensively across the MSH network.

Aims & Goals: 
Higher visibility of key messages, to increase recognition of the MSH brand, and to increase awareness of the role MSH play in public healthcare.
Awareness of MSH key messages Recall of digital signage installations Improved patient or visitor experience (in public areas only) during hospital visit/stay/working day
Lead Service / Stream: 
Last updated 18 November 2019