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Innovation Central is an online space where Metro South Health staff can share the innovative work they're doing (or have done) to improve health services and outcomes for staff, patients and the community.

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Physiotherapy ICU Clinical Support

| Allied Health

The Physiotherapy ICU Clinical Support (PICS) service aims to optimise cardiorespiratory physiotherapy management of patients at risk of respiratory deterioration through support of ward and overnight (on call) physiotherapists.

Management of Delirium in Hospital: Development of a Metro South Occupational Therapy Learning Package

| PAH-QEII Network

This project aimed at developing an OT Delirium Management Learning Package which was in response to the Delirium Clinical Care Standard of improving prevention of delirium in patients at risk. The standard was delivered by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. Clinicians and health services can use this Clinical Care Standard to support the delivery of high quality care.

Prescribing guidelines web application

| Medical

Metro South Health is developing a mobile-first web application to house its prescribing guidelines - to provide easy access to information on commonly used drugs in hospital.


Integrated Respiratory Access Project

| Medicine and Chronic Disease

The Rapid Access Clinic provides prompt assessment of patients who require urgent review but are not acutely unwell, reducing avoidable Emergency Department presentations.


QEII Colorectal Pelvic Floor Service

| Surgical

The QEII Colorectal Pelvic Floor Service was set up in 2014 and is designed to address the needs of patients with defecatory disorders, including faecal incontinence and obstructed defecation. There is a high prevalence of these problems in the community with a large unmet need. Significant suffering and social isolation occurs amongst these people but their problems are usually not prioritised by health systems where funding often favours cancer and luminal disorders. 

The service is run by colorectal surgeons but is proudly a multidisciplinary service, with nurse specialists, pelvic floor physiotherapists, and dietitians at the forefront of the service. Patients often find their longstanding symptoms are validated on meeting the service and there is a very high level of patient satisfaction. 

Our preliminary results show improvement in all patients managed by both surgical and nonoperative strategies.


"Feed not Fast": A multidisciplinary systems approach to malnutrition in an acute hospital

| Research

A redesign of the nutrition model of care in an acute hosptial with an integrated approach to malnutrition was developed in response to a malnutrition prevealance of 30-40%; low rates of malnutrition screening; inadequate nutritional intakes; and a menu targeting chronic disease prevention.

Metro South Health Research Strategy

| Research

The MSH Research Strategy will identify and facilitate opportunities for more effective partnerships, as well as access to information and communication across facilities, streams and projects.


Smoking Cessation Clinical Pathway - Community Mental Health (QIPC)

| All of Metro South Health

From the 1st July 2017, the QIPC (Quality Improvement Payment C) commenced in Queensland for all Community Mental Health services. The QIPC requires services to screen all consumers for their smoking status and, for smokers, deliver a brief intervention which is documented via the Smoking Cessation Clinical Pathway template on the Consumers Integrated Mental Health Application (CIMHA). 

The Jaw Assessment Clinic: a Physiotherapy-Led Screening and Management Clinic for patients with temporomandibular joint dysfunction

| Allied Health

The PAH Physiotherapy Department has identified a strategy to address the long wait times for those with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders who have been referred to the Mxillofacial Specialist Outpatient Department.

MSH Value Based Chronic Wound Care

| Nursing

This project plan has been developed in response to the completion of Phase One which has identified an increased number of wounds presenting to hospital and associated avoidable admissions, the lack of a co-ordinated service and referral pathways, long waits to access specialty outpatients, community disengagement from the service and lack of co-ordinated post-acute care follow up across Metro South Health.


Restful Environment Project

| All of Metro South Health

Metro South Health has developed a host of new resources to help staff create a more restful environment for our patients.

Chronic Disease Diabetes Model of Care Redesign

| Medicine and Chronic Disease

This project will deliver an efficient acute model of care to assist in service delivery and integration of diabetes services across Metro South Health.

Healthier Choices project

| All of Metro South Health

Metro South Health has developed a strategy for patients, staff, and visitors to access healthier choices of food and drinks across our facilities.

Lift the Lip

| Oral Health

The Lift the Lip program aims to improve children’s oral health through early access to oral health care for all children aged 0 – 5 years. Child Health Nurses incorporate a Lift the Lip screening as part of the “Head to Toe” assessment undertaken at key ages, looking for signs of early childhood caries.

ScreenIT - revolutionary app solution for head and neck cancer patients

| PAH-QEII Network

New research developed at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) has found a screening App could improve the clinical management of head and neck cancer patients.

World-first anaesthesia technique


A team of anaesthetists at the Princess Alexandra Hospital have developed a world-first anaesthesia technique to make it safer for patients with obstructed airways to undergo surgery.

Julian's Key health passport app

| Logan-Bayside Network

This project will trial the use of a health passport app which documents the care and support needs of people with disabilities while they use our health services at Logan Hospital.


Be Heard: Safe Communications at Redland Hospital

| Logan-Bayside Network

Be Heard: Safe Communications at Redland Hospital is about improving communication and access to health services for the hearing impaired and Deaf community.

Rheumatic Heart Disease Control Program in Metro South Health

| Logan-Bayside Network

This program will provide an integrated clinical care coordination approach to improve access to high quality regular care to prevent the complications of rheumatic heart disease.

Cognitive Impairment Rounding Model

| Logan-Bayside Network

This project will trial a new model of care for patients with cognitive impairment, which utilises evidence based strategies in determing appropriate, and individualised, provision of care.