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Tools, templates and training

The Transformation and Innovation Collaborative has developed a helpful package of tools and templates that will assist with the planning, delivering and reporting of your project.

Delivering a project generally proceeds through four phases:

  1. Initiate
  2. Plan
  3. Implement and monitor
  4. Sustain and close

The following table provides a description of each phase as well as links to useful templates. These templates are full of information to assist first time users and can be adapted to meet your specific project needs.

1 - Initiate

The purpose of this phase is to demonstrate the need for the project, assess its complexity and resource requirement, and communicate this to the organisation before resources are committed.

What you need to doTemplates
  • Complete one of the concept development templates, depending on the size and complexity of your project.
  • Submit it to management for endorsement.
  • Submit it to MSH executive committee for approval to proceed to planning phase. Funding may be also approved at this stage.

2 - Plan

The planning phase commences after the project has been approved and requires details of how the project will be delivered.

What you need to doTemplates
  • To plan in detail what and how the project will be delivered including scheduling and resourcing.
  • For simple projects, develop and seek approval for an action plan.
  • For moderate or complex projects, develop and seek project plan approval and other relevant documentation that could be used to manage the project.
  • Once appropriate documentation is approved, the project can move to the implement/monitor phase.

3 - Implement and monitor

For small projects, this phase commences when the concept document and implementation plan have been endorsed by the relevant executive team member.

For moderate and complex projects the Implementation/Monitoring phase commences after a Project Plan and other relevant documentation have been approved by the project sponsor/project board/steering committee or relevant executive team.
For moderate and complex projects ensure the following:

  • Data collection and reporting process are established and maintained.
  • Change management processes are implemented and scope creep is controlled through the monitoring and reporting process.
  • Stakeholder consultation and education is implemented as part of the change management process.
What you need to doTemplates
  • Execute project plan and any other sub-plans, e.g.
    • Stakeholder Engagement Plan
    • Communication Plan
    • Evaluation Plan
    • Sustainability Plan
  • Monitoring and controlling activities and reporting progress to key stakeholders.
  • Gain approval to progress to the close phase of project.

4 - Sustain and close

Planning for the closure of a project is important. The extent to which closure procedures are formalised depends on the nature and size of the project.

What you need to doTemplates
  • Ensure sustainability plan is implemented.
  • Complete project evaluation and seek approval to close the project from the Executive Director/Sponsor.

Can’t find the template you need?

The Transformation and Innovation Collaborative has an extensive suite of templates. Please email

Last updated 13 December 2017
Last reviewed 6 July 2015

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