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Project management framework

The Metro South Health Project Management Framework has been developed to support projects across the service. It includes:

  • a minimum set of PM (Project Management) requirements including the common phases that apply to all projects
  • a collection of sequential PM phases that all projects progress through regardless of their size and complexity
  • a range of project management tools and templates that can be utilised throughout the phases of the project lifecycle
  • a governance, communication and reporting structure for stakeholders
  • a community of skilled people from within MSH and external organisations, whose ideas and expertise can be utilised to optimise project outcomes.

The Project Management Framework is based on the four project life cycle phases—Initiate, Plan, Implement, and Monitor and Sustain—and Close and key elements such as Governance, Reporting Communication and Evaluation. The Idea Generation is a MSH specific element established to capture ideas from the ‘shop front’, bottom up and turn into action and achieve desired outcomes.

Project management framework diagram


Metro South Health Project Management Framework (PDF, 509.94 KB)

Tools and templates

At each phase of the project lifecycle, appropriate tools and templates from approved methodologies are listed, and are available to download from our tools and templates page.

Last updated 31 October 2017
Last reviewed 18 October 2017

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