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About the Executive Planning and Innovation Committee

Metro South Health's Executive Planning and Innovation Committee (formerly known as the Executive Transformation and Innovation Committee) provides an executive level focus on innovation across the health service and assesses applications against priorities for feasibility, scope and potential impact. The Executive Planning and Innovation Committee (EPIC) has a membership of executive and specialist staff from across the organisation that meet on a monthly basis.

EPIC meeting summaries


January 2017 (PDF, 58.89 KB)

February 2017 (PDF, 55.49 KB)

March 2017 (PDF, 43.06 KB)


December 2016 (PDF, 53.69 KB)

November 2016 (PDF, 54.73 KB)November 2016 (PDF, 54.73 KB)

October 2016 (PDF, 55.18 KB)

September 2016 (PDF, 55.18 KB)

August 2016 (PDF, 53.79 KB)

July 2016 (PDF, 48.01 KB)

June 2016 (PDF, 34.41 KB)

May 2016 (PDF, 34.31 KB)

April 2016 (PDF, 34.31 KB)

March 2016 (PDF, 34.02 KB)

February 2016 (PDF, 33.65 KB)

January 2016 (PDF, 33.67 KB)


December 2015 (PDF, 33.58 KB)

November 2015 (PDF, 51.04 KB)

Find out more about all EPIC approved projects here.

Last updated 10 April 2017
Last reviewed 14 December 2015

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