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Reduced risk

"Feed not Fast": A multidisciplinary systems approach to malnutrition in an acute hospital

A redesign of the nutrition model of care in an acute hosptial with an integrated approach to malnutrition was developed in response to a malnutrition prevealance of 30-40%; low rates of malnutrition screening; inadequate nutritional intakes; and a menu targeting chronic disease prevention.

| Research

Bariatric Resources Strategy

This project includes the development of a Metro South Health-wide bariatric patient management framework.

| All of Metro South Health

Body Worn Camera Trial PAH

To trial the use of body worn cameras on security guards at the Princess Alexandra Hospital to reduce the incidence of occupational violence.

| Corporate Services

Breast cancer technology protecting the heart

New Technology at Princess Alexandra Hospital used in the treatment of breast cancer is protecting the heart from radiation doses used to treat cancer.

| PAH-QEII Network

Delivering Choosing Wisely Across MSHHS

Metro South Health is launching a large-scale engagement project involving consumers, clinicians and GP's to implement the Choosing Wisely principles and recommendations across the health service.  Choosing Wisely is an international initiative to improve patient care by reducing and eliminating unnecessary, potentially harmful tests, treatments and procedures performed and prescribed.

| Planning, Engagement and Reform

Doctors' Health and Wellbeing - Mobile-First Web Application

The Mobile-First Web Application (App) facilitates doctor's access to a wide range of resources and health care options specifically targeting their health and wellbeing.

| Medical

Early Psychosis Team Clinic

The Early Psychosis team clinic aims to increase physical activity of people with a chronic psychotic illness by providing opportunities to participate in supervised exercise. 

| Addiction and Mental Health

Julian's Key health passport app

This project will trial the use of a health passport app which documents the care and support needs of people with disabilities while they use our health services at Logan Hospital.

| Logan-Bayside Network

Metro South Health Drugs and Therapeutics Committee

Metro South Health (MSH) Drugs and Therapeutics Committee will facilitate sound, consistent and standardised decision-making and oversight of medicines within MSH and promote safe and quality use of medicines leading to better patient outcomes.

| All of Metro South Health

Metro South Health Research Biorepository Project

MSH is developing a strategy for the ongoing governance and operations of several ethically approved research tissue banks, biobanks, tumour banks and human biological material collections in operation on the Princess Alexandra Hospital campus.

| Research

MSAMH Mobile Health App Library - Pilot

Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service (MSAMHS) is conducting a review of current mobile health apps, followed by the develolpment of a web-based App library.

| Addiction and Mental Health

P.A.R.T.Y (Prevention of Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth)

The Prevention of Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth (P.A.R.T.Y) program aims to promote injury prevention through vivid clinical reality, enabling youth to recognize risk, make informed choices and identify potential consequences about activities and behaviours by exposing groups of high school students to the Emergency, Intensive Care and other wards at MS hospitals. 

| Nursing