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Healthier Choices

Healthier Choices at Metro South Health

At Metro South Health we care about helping you enjoy the best health and wellbeing, all day, every day.

Whether you’re receiving treatment, working, visiting patients or living in our communities, we’re here to help you live healthy and well.

An important area is the food and drink in our vending machines, cafés, coffee carts and staff canteens.

Healthier Choices floor sticker

Healthy changes are happening

As part of the ‘Healthier Choices’ project, we’re working to improve the food and drink options in our vending machines, cafés, coffee carts and staff canteens.

We aim to:

  • offer a variety of high quality, nutritious food and drink choices
  • make sure you can access healthy food and drink options whenever you need them
  • make it easy to choose food and drinks that are good for you.

To help you stay healthy, we’re making some important changes:

  • reducing the amount of sugary soft drinks available
  • increasing the amount of healthier drinks and displaying them more clearly
  • reviewing the food we sell to provide more healthy options

To learn more about the project, check out the Healthier Choices leaflet (PDF, 1.26 MB).

Go green for wellbeing 

We’ve made it easy for you to choose the healthiest food and drinks. Using the traffic light system, we’ve labelled up the items for sale using green, amber and red stickers – look out for them when you’re browsing the shelves.

We’re encouraging everyone to ‘go green for wellbeing’ and choose the healthiest food and drinks every day. Eating healthily can be tasty and easy. It can help you feel better, stay well and get more out of life.

Vending machine

Last updated 8 March 2019
Last reviewed 20 January 2018