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Research Integrity Training

29 November 2023 to 31 July 2024

Metro South Health (MSH) recognises the necessity of cultivating an environment where ethical conduct and adherence to rigorous scientific principles are upheld at every stage of the research process.

In 2023, in support of the MSH Research Strategy 2019-2024, three research integrity online modules were launched via MSHLearn and made accessible to all MSH employees. If you are already logged into MSHLearn please click the links below and you will be directed to the relevant course for registration. If you are not already logged into MSHLearn please view the MSH Learn web page and search for 'Research integrity' in the 'Catalogue search' bar.

From 1 Janaury 2024, completion of all three MSH Research Integrity Training online modules will be mandatory for all MSH employees undertaking research in MSH.

As part of this mandate, all researchers seeking authorisation of research from 1 January 2024 must provide evidence of Research Integrity Training completion (i.e., a valid Research Integrity Training Certificate), as part of the Site Specific Authorisation (SSA) process.

Last updated 19 February 2024
Last reviewed 29 November 2023