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Metro South Health RRREA

19 November 2019

Reward, Recognition and Research Excellence Awards (RRREA)

A special event to celebrate the announcement of the 2019 Board Chair Awards and the 2020 Research Support Scheme Grants recipients was held on Tuesday 19 November 2019 at the TRI Auditorium, Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Metro South Health is committed to recognising staff who demonstrate outstanding performance in healthcare for the benefit of our patients and community.

We believe that a strong reward and recognition program is vital in attracting and retaining quality staff and improving our workforce culture.

Congratulations to all recipients, special mentions and nominees.

2019 Board Chair Award recipients

Delivering Our Values: Be Courageous

Michelle Combo and the Courageous Conversations About Race Facilitation Team

Delivering Our Values: Customers First

Jo Sexton, Hepatology CNC, Gastroenterology, Logan Hospital

Delivering Our Values: Empower People

Helen Maney, Nurse Educator, Logan Hospital

Delivering Our Values: Ideas Into Action

The ROVE Team (Response to Occupational Violence Emergencies), Princess Alexandra Hospital

Delivering Our Values: Unleash Potential

Operational Services Waste Team, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Innovation Through Digital Technology Award

Decision Support System of the Zika Mozzie Seeker

Person-Centred Care Award

Evelyn Towers, Director of Audiology, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Shaping Our Future Award

Dr Helen Brown, Director of Neurology, Princess Alexandra Hospital
Paula Foley, Director of Nursing, Clinical Strategic Projects, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Volunteer of The Year Award

Stan Belas, Fundraising Extraordinaire, QEII Hospital

The Board Chair Award for Excellence


The Chief Executive Award for Excellence

Kimberley Swaysland, Relief Pool Manager, Princess Alexandra Hospital

2020 Research Support Scheme recipients

Trauma and Disaster Management (TRADIM) Grants

TRADIM Small Grant | up to $25,000 for one year

Association between sarcopenia and functional deficits following severe traumatic brain injury
Research team: Marc Nickels, Prof Steven McPhail, Prof Marion Mitchell, Prof Adrian Barnett, Dr Matthew Grigg, Scott King, Azmat Ali

TRADIM Project Grant | up to $75,000 for one year

The Queensland Natural Disasters 2010-11 and 2019—did they influence the rate of suicide?
Research team: Prof David Crompton, Dr Stuart Leske, Peter Kohleis, Prof Gerry Fitzgerald, A/Prof Dan Siskind

Metro South Health Study, Education and Research Trust Account (SERTA) Grants

Novice Researcher Grants | up to $25,000 over two years

Identification and clinical validation of novel genome stability factors as predictive biomarkers for systemic treatments in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)
Research team: Dr Connor O'Leary, Prof Ken O'Byrne, Dr Elizabeth McCaffrey, Rebecca Kimberley, Ian McPherson, Derek Richard, Mark Adams

Aspirin Resistance in Obese, Diabetic, and Elderly orthopaedic patients (ARODE Study)
Research team: Nameer van Oosterom, A/Prof Michael Barras, A/Prof Robert Bird, A/Prof Kate Campbell, Paul Zerafa, A/Prof Neil Cottrell, A/Prof Iulian Nusem

Evaluating the use of a shared care model for early dysphagia screening in the Logan Hospital Emergency Department
Research team: Pranika Lal, Dr Laurelie Wishart, Prof Elizabeth Ward, Dr Brian Wood, Carolann O'Donnell, Marnie Seabrook, Anne Coccetti

Pilot study on non-invasive cardiopulmonary exercise testing for early detection of complications following pulmonary embolisms
Research team: Dr Chinthaka Samaranayake, Dr Gregory Keir, Prof John Upham, Dr Khoa Tran, Jarrod Warner

Development, implementation, and evaluation of a Cancer Pharmacy Telehealth Service for adult patients at the Princess Alexandra Hospital
Research team: Marissa Ryan, Dr Christine Carrington, Prof Elizabeth Ward, Dr Katharine Cuff, Dr Centaine Snoswell, Dr Clare Burns, Mhairi Mackinnon

Towards a fully integrated laryngology service: Validating the safety and efficacy of extended services offered through an existing speech pathology first point of contact clinic (SP-FPOCC) at Logan Hospital
Research team: Jennifer Davis, Prof Elizabeth Ward, A/Prof Bernard Whitfield, Maria Schwarz, Dr Ryan Adams, Jodie Howden

Innovation (Seed) Grants | up to $25,000 over two years

Evaluation of an Acute Cognitive Unit for severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia
Research team: Frederick Graham, Prof Ruth Hubbard, Prof Amanda Henderson, Adjunct Prof Annette Broome, Dr Emily Gordon, Dr Lisa Kelly

Genomic characterisation of sinonasal undifferentiated carcinomas
Research team: Prof Sandro Porceddu, Dr Caroline Cooper, Dr Ann-Marie Patch, Dr Hon Trinh

Do patients with high risk prostate cancer harbour viable gonorrhoeae diplococci in their prostate tissue?
Research team: Dr Ian Vela, A/Prof Elizabeth Williams, Dr Patrick Thomas, Dr Ben Shepherd

A novel spherical array detector for patient-specific quality assurance of stereotactic radiotherapy/ radiosurgery treatment plans
Research team: A/Prof Prabhakar Ramachandran, Dr Mark Pinkham

Cell culture models for personalised medicine in patients with renal cell carcinoma
Research team: Dr Robert Ellis, Dr Simon Wood, A/Prof David Vesey, A/Prof Glenda Gobe, Dr Margaret Mansbridge, Dr Andrew Kassianos, Dr Jeffrey Goh

Early Career Researcher Grants | up to $75,000 over two years

The therapeutic value of whole-body PET/MRI in patients with lymphoma
Research team: Dr Greg Hapgood, Dr Phillip Law, A/Prof Peter Mollee, Prof Ken Miles

Co-design, development, and feasibility of a digitally-enabled, personalised brief intervention for chronic pain and co-occurring prescription opioid misuse
Research team: Dr Rachel Elphinston, Prof Jason Connor, Prof Michele Sterling, Dr Farhad Fatehi

The effect of the ABCDEF bundle on delirium, functional outcomes and quality of life critically ill patients – a randomised controlled trial with embedded process evaluation
Research team: Kellie Sosnowski, Prof Marion Mitchell, A/Prof Hayden White, Penny Schofield, Simone Leigh Dullaway, Dr Francis Lin, Lynette Morrison

Advancing molecular imaging of kidney tumours: biomarker discover
Research team: Dr Robert Ellis, Dr Simon Wood, A/Prof Glenda Gobe, Prof Hemamali Samaratunga, Prof Graham Galloway, Dr Margaret Mansbridge

Project Grants | up to $100,000 over two years

Using microbiome associated inflammatory biomarkers to predict and enhance treatment response among people with schizophrenia
Research team: A/Prof Dan Siskind, Prof Gerald Holtmann, Dr Ayesha Shah, Prof Mark Morrison, Nicola Warren, Darryl Eyles, Jake Gratten

Defining the clinical phenotype of autoimmune epilepsy
Research team: Dr Lisa Gillinder, Dr Nicola Warren, A/Prof Tony Kneebone, Dr Laura Clarke, Dr David Gillis

Personalised integrated care versus standard care for patients with severe unexplained gastrointestinal symptoms: a randomised controlled clinical trial
Research team: Prof Gerald Holtmann, Prof Jeff Coombes, Prof Nancy Pachana, A/Prof Veronique Chachay, Dr Natasha Koloski, Prof Michael Jones, Dr Che-Yung Chao

Predicting response to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy and associated toxicities in melanoma patients using circulating auto antibodies repertoires
Research team: A/Prof Victoria Atkinson, A/Prof Andrew Barbour, Melissa Arneil, Dr Gregor Kijanka

Improving oral health outcomes for people with multiple sclerosis
Research team: Dr Stefan Blum, Dr Matthew Nangle, Dr Helen Boocock, Prof Julie Henry, Dr Andrew Swayne

Investigating immune evasion as the mechanism of resistance in patients relapsing following attainment of initial complete remission
Research team: Dr Colm Keane, Dr Simone Birch, Dr Greg Hapgood, Dr Jay Gunawardana

“The kids are not okay” – Understanding child and adolescent mental health presentations to the emergency department. A collaboration with the PREDICT network.
Research team: Dr Ben Lawton, Brooke Charters, Joanne Wild, Catherine Murphy, Prof Simon Craig, Thomas Morrison

Propofol versus Sevoflurane Pilot Study for management of Endovascular Retrieval of clot in ischaemic stroke: ProSPER
Research team: Dr David Highton, A/Prof Michael Barras, A/Prof David Sturgess, Dr Darshan Shah, Dr Kendall Redmond, Dr Danielle Crimmins, Allison Kearney

PREBIOTIC (Prospective Randomised Evaluation of preBiotics in Organ Transplantation to prevent Infectious Complications) study
Research team: Prof Carmel Hawley, Prof David Johnson, Prof Mark Morrison, Prof Katrina Campbell, Diana Leary, Elaine Pascoe, Dr Samuel Chan

Patient outcomes and healthcare resource utilisation in cirrhosis: role of unmet supportive care needs and health literacy
Research team: Prof Elizabeth Powell, Dr Kelly Hayward, Leigh Horsfall, Dr Carolyn McIvor, A/Prof Patricia Valery, Dr Kate Irvine

Magnetic resonance Imaging RAdiomics relationships with GEnomics and outcome of breast cancer in NeoAdjuvant Treatment setting (MIRAGE-NAT)
Research team: Dr Gorane Santamaria Hormaechea, Prof Sunil Lakhani, Prof Rahul Ladwa, Dr Prabakhar Ramachandran, Dr Thomas Lloyd, Prof Ian Bennett

Utilising health technologies to deliver specialist diet and exercise support to the homes of people with complex chronic conditions
Research team: Dr Ingrid Hickman, A/Prof Graeme Macdonald, A/Prof Nicole Isbel, Dr Dev Jegatheesan, Dr Hannah Mayr, A/Prof Katrina Campbell, Prof Jeff Coombes

Effectiveness of a Physiotherapy Conservative Management Program implemented for the management of urinary incontinence in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women attending an Indigenous Primary Health Care Clinic: a pre-post intervention evaluation study
Research team: Dr Prabha Lakhan, Dr Annie Fonda, Janelle Greitschus, Sarah Hartin, Prof Noel Hayman, Mark Nelson, Audrey Burgin

Program Grant | up to $300,000 over three years

REthinking the Model of Outpatient Diabetes Care utilising eHeaLth in Regional and Rural Populations (REMODeL)
Research team: Dr Anish Menon, A/Prof Anthony Russell, Prof Len Gray, A/Prof Mark Chatfield, A/Prof Tracy Comans, Dr Mohan Karunanithi, Dr Farhad Fatehi

Bridging the life expectancy gap: A multidisciplinary research program to reduce physical comorbidity among people living with schizophrenia by the MH-PHIT (Mental Health Physical Health Interventions Team)
Research team: A/Prof Dan Siskind, Dr Justin Chapman, A/Prof Anthony Russell, Prof Steve Kisely, Dr Shuichi Suetani, Dr Geoff Lau, Sharon Locke

A randomised placebo-controlled trial targeting the gastrointestinal microbiome in patients with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis with and without inflammatory bowel disease: A pilot study
Research team: Prof Gerald Holtmann, Prof Graeme Macdonald, Prof Mark Morrison, Dr Ayesha Shah, Dr Natasha Koloski, Prof Michael Jones, A/Prof Simon Keely

PA Research Foundation

Project Grants

Evaluation of the Adverse Inpatient Medication Event Model
Research team:  Prof Ian Scott, A/Prof Michael Barras, Nazanin Falconer, Dr Christopher Morris, Dr Centaine Snoswell, A/Prof Neil Cottrell, Dr Ahmad Abdel-Hafez

Cancer Evolution Biobank
Research team:  Prof Andrew Barbour, Prof Mark Smithers, A/Prof Victoria Atkinson, Dr Lauren Aoude, Dr Vanessa Bonazzi

Highly multiplexed, digital spatial profiling of tumour tissue to predict response to immunotherapy
Research team: Prof Ken O’Byrne, Dr Arutha Kulasinghe, Dr Connor O'Leary, A/Prof Chamindie Punyadeera, Dr Rahul Ladwa, Ian McPherson, Patricia Davison

A Telehealth Cancer-Related Fatigue Clinic Model for Cancer Survivors:  A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial (The TCRF Trial)
Research team: Dr Rahul Ladwa, Prof Ray Chan, Elizabeth Pinkham, Dr Bena Brown, Prof Steve McPhail, Prof Carmen Escalante, Dis Prof Patsy Yates

Effects of exercise training on erectile and cardiovascular function in men with prostate cancer
Research team:  A/Prof Eric Chung, Dr Handoo Rhee, Prof Alexandra McCarthy, Sarah McAllister, Dr Tina Skinner, Prof Jeff Coombes

About the Metro South Health RRREA

In 2015, we established the annual Board Chair Awards to recognise and celebrate the achievements, outstanding performance and significant contributions to healthcare by our staff and volunteers. The awards are the highest honour within Metro South Hospital and Health Service.

We acknowledge the importance of healthcare research in achieving our vision of leading the health sector through high quality, connected, person-centred care.

Each year, we continue increasing allocations to research through the annual Research Support Scheme grants program, funding research-related infrastructure and projects, resulting in significant and far-reaching benefits for our consumers, our community, and for Metro South Health as an organisation.

This year, the 2019 Board Chair Awards was announced alongside the 2020 Research Support Scheme Grants and PA Research Foundation Research Awards at a special event, the inaugural Metro South Health Reward, Recognition and Research Excellence Awards (RRREA).

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Learn more about the Board Chair Awards

The Metro South Health Board Chair Awards recognise and celebrate the achievements, outstanding performance and significant contributions to healthcare by our staff.

In line with Metro South Health’s values, vision and purpose, the Award categories are:

  • Delivering Our Values Awards
  • Innovation through Digital Technology Award
  • Person-Centred Care Award
  • Shaping Our Future Award
  • Volunteer of the Year Award.
Last updated 14 December 2020
Last reviewed 15 October 2019