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Research capacity building

Research capacity building (RCB) aims to support individuals and organisations to develop and strengthen their research skills. RCB initiatives support clinicians to develop research skills that complement their clinical expertise, ultimately enabling them to undertake and disseminate high-quality research efficiently, effectively and with increasing independence.

RCB can help clinicians to:

  1. develop foundational research skills (e.g. searching for research),
  2. participate in research (e.g. assisting with participant recruitment) and
  3. lead research (e.g. developing a research protocol). 

The benefits of RCB are varied, with positive impacts for clinicians, services and patients.

Specific benefits have been reported to include: 

  • Enhanced clinician attitude towards research and work-place culture of evidence-based practice,
  • Improved patient outcomes facilitated by greater translation of research into practice, 
  • Increased evaluation and demonstration of service quality and efficiency, and 
  • Identification of research questions arising from real-life issues and clinical practice gaps. 

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Last updated 18 September 2023
Last reviewed 3 November 2020