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Submissions for this form are closed.

Translational Research Award

Nominations for the Translational Research Award are now closed.

The annual Hopkins Centre Translational Research Award acknowledges the value of collaboration and productive interdisciplinary research links between practice, academia and industry, and the importance of research having translational potential.  

This Award recognises research and evaluation projects that demonstrate translational impact or have potential to translate into better practices, health service delivery, and ultimately, contribute to improving the wellbeing of people with complex health needs or lifelong disabling conditions.

What is translational impact?

Translational impact covers a wide spectrum and includes projects that:

  • solve a challenge in clinical practice or service delivery through applied research
  • apply existing evidence to ensure best practice in service delivery or system design
  • apply new knowledge in practice or service delivery to enhance care processes or service delivery and benefit people with lifelong disability and complex needs
  • develop new ways of measuring health benefits and outcomes of people with lifelong disability and complex needs
  • develop understanding of the implementation facilitators and barriers to embedding and sustaining change in practice or service delivery.

A Translational Research Award requires a collaborative interdisciplinary relationship to exist in the conduct of research and in the translation of research outcomes.


Individual researchers, research teams, clinicians or clinical services can nominate for the Award. In the case of a research team or clinical service, there must be a lead named nominee for the Award. To be eligible for the Award, the nominee/s must be a registered member or affiliated member of The Hopkins Centre: Research for Rehabilitation and Resilience. Teams or services that nominate must comprise a majority of registered or affiliated Hopkins Centre members, including the first named nominee. The majority of translational research for which you are nominating must have been undertaken within Griffith University and the Division of Rehabilitation, Metro South Health or affiliate partners of the Centre within the last two years.

Key dates

  • 2 October - Award nominations opened
  • 12 November -  Award nominations closed
  • 15 November - Annual winner of The Hopkins Centre Translational Research Award announced

Nomination guidelines

Mandatory information:

  • Title and overview of translational project/work (200 words). This statement should be written in lay terms for use in promotional activities.
  • Nominee details—provide name/s of the individual or team member nominees, along with position titles and email addresses.
  • Response to criteria—directly address the five judging criteria.

Optional information:

  • Supporting documentation—if appropriate provide information relevant to demonstration of the criteria or to key aspects of the Award.

Judging criteria

The applicant must be able to provide tangible evidence of translational impact and should specifically address how the research meets the following judging criteria:

  • Demonstrated contribution to practice or service improvements of relevance to the Hopkins Centre mission.
  • Uniqueness of the contribution.
  • Demonstrated quality engagement with key stakeholders.
  • Evidence of impact on practice or service delivery.
  • Nomination meets the eligibility rules for nomination and conduct of the work.

Selection process

All nominations will be independently reviewed by a panel of five drawn from The Hopkins Centre—three members of the Executive and two members from the Management Committee.

Award prize

One winner (lead nominee for team winners) will be awarded in this category receiving a bursary of $1500 inc GST in Australian Dollars.

Terms and conditions

  • Bursary must be spent on furthering a research related activity aligned with the goals of the Award and strategic goals of The Hopkins Centre.
  • Research related activity expense must be paid in full by the bursary recipient, and will then be reimbursed by The Hopkins Centre.
  • Bursary is valid for 12 months from the date of the announcement/event and will expire after this date.
  • Bursary will be reimbursed in one claim only.
  • Bursary is not redeemable for cash and change will not be given.


Nominations must be submitted via the online nomination form below to be eligible.

  • Submissions opened: 2 October 2018
  • Submissions closed: 12 November 2018

Nomination form

The nomination form is now closed.

Last updated 12 November 2018
Last reviewed 18 October 2017