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at Princess Alexandra Hospital

Our Audiology team provides a range of hearing assessment and rehabilitation services. Audiologists are health care professionals who specialise in in identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring disorders of the auditory and vestibular system parts of the ear.

Princess Alexandra Hospital's audiology services include:

  • basic hearing assessments, including:
    • pure tone audiometry
    • immittance audiometry
    • speech audiometry
    • otoacoustic emission testing.
  • complex hearing assessments, including:
    • central auditory perceptual function testing
    • auditory evoked potential assessments (ABR and ASSR)
    • facial nerve testing (electroneuronography).
  • rehabilitative services, including:
    • tinnitus assessment and management
    • hearing aid bank
    • coordination of inpatient hearing aid services.
  • special services, including:
    • intraoperative cranial nerve monitoring
    • hearing threshold measurement under general anaesthetics.

For more information refer to the Communication kit for patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

The PAH Hearing Aid Bank is a free service that provides hearing rehabilitation to Queenslanders with a current Health Care Card that are ineligible under the Australian Government's Hearing Services Program.

You can donate all new and used hearing aids (PDF, 19.2 MB) and/or accessories and consumables (e.g. batteries, domes, wax filters).

Audiology at other hospitals and centres

Last updated 11 March 2024
Last reviewed 20 October 2016