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at Logan Hospital

Our Audiology team provides a range of hearing assessment and rehabilitation services. Audiologists are health care professionals who specialise in in identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring disorders of the auditory and vestibular system parts of the ear.

Logan Hospital provides a diagnostic audiology service for both adults and children which includes: 

  • babies referred from the newborn hearing screening program
  • children with multiple health concerns and developmental delays
  • comprehensive hearing assessment for adults
  • a walk-in clinic for clients referred through the ENT clinic.

Our services include:

  • pure tone audiometry
  • play audiometry
  • visual reinforcement audiometry
  • speech discrimination testing
  • tympanometry and reflex testing
  • oto-acoustic eEmission testing
  • electrophysiological testing.
Last updated 11 March 2024
Last reviewed 20 October 2016