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GP access to 'The Viewer'

From June 2017, Queensland General Practitioners (GPs) will have secure online access to patient healthcare information from Queensland public hospitals.

GPs will be able to access read-only hospital information through 'The Viewer'.

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What is The Viewer?

The Viewer provides consolidated clinical information about each patient who receives treatment or care at a Queensland Health facility.

The Viewer is a web-based application that displays key patient information such as pathology results, radiology results, medications, allergies and alerts, care plans, as well as discharge summaries.


Providing GPs with access to more detailed recent information will help them make better-informed medical decisions about your care.

Sharing your hospital records with your GP will:

  • ensure your GP and the Queensland Health clinical staff involved in your care have timely access to your public healthcare information
  • lessen your likelihood of being referred for duplicate tests or being re-admitted to hospital
  • reduce your need to recall and describe details of your recent treatments when visiting your GP.

Providing GPs with access to The Viewer is a key initiative of the Specialist Outpatient Strategy: Improving the patient journey by 2020 which aims to improve the patient journey.

How will my GP access my healthcare information?

GPs will be granted read-only access to your healthcare information via a secure online portal.

Access will only be granted once GPs have had their personal and professional identity confirmed.

What if I don’t want my general practitioner to see my public healthcare information?

If you would prefer that your GP did not have access to your public healthcare information, you have the right to opt-out.

You can opt-out by calling 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84).

Translation and interpreter services can be arranged to assist with the opt-out process.

Last updated 5 June 2017
Last reviewed 5 June 2017