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Disclosure log

Documents released under the the Right to Information Act 2009 will be progressively published on this page through our disclosure log.

Our disclosure log provides details of documents released in response to non-personal Right to Information applications. It contains a description of the documents released.  Interested parties may access copies of the documents listed in this log (either in hard copy, CD or, where possible, email) by contacting us via the following details:

Reference numberDate of decisionNumber of pagesTopic / information requested.
MSH 20-217 January 202025 Pages - Full ReleaseApplication is made under RTI for copies of documents held at QE2 and Princess Alexandra hospitals. Lists/dossiers/books of inappropriate rapid offloads or similarly described document. These may be held at the triage desks of the Emergency Departments. *Irrelevant information has been removed under s.73 of the RTI Act.
MSH-20-16 January 20202 Pages - Full Release, 5 Pages - Part ReleaseEmails and documentation from the Metro South Health Service:
1) The decision to erect the sign at Redland Hospital which reads; (“We’re upgrading Redland Hospital”. $20 million projects under way, including emergency and birthing expansions.  And there’s more to come.), and
2) The cost of sign’s design, construction and installation.
Date range 01 October 2018 – 1st October 2019”
MSH-19-629 November 201910 Pages - Full Release, 39 Pages - Part Release“Documents that included the initial discussion regarding the Prefabricated build and reasons relating to the use of demountable’ s at Logan Hospital project through to the final decision.
* excluding the tenders for the build.
* excluding emails
* focus on documents that contain the specified information.”
Timeframe: Since 1 January 2019 to the date of this application.
MSH-19-518 November 201914 Pages - Full Release, 5 Pages - Part ReleaseDocuments, specifically reports, ministerial/executive briefing notes and attachments, internal correspondence since 1 August, 2019, to the date of this application relating to delays in surgery and problems with sterilisation of instruments.
MSH-19-417 November 201911 Pages - Full Release, 7 Pages - Part ReleaseAll reports, documents, internal memos, emails, and briefing notes regarding the Metro South Patient ¬Access Co-ordination Hub (PACS) for the date period of May 2019 - 11 September 2019
MSH-19-311 November 20196 pages - Full ReleaseMinisterial/executive briefing notes and attachments, reviews, audits regarding Right to Information.
Specifically documents containing the following information for each of the past two years (2017-18 and 2018-19):
1. How many applications were processed within the 30 day timeframe;
2. How many went to review;
3. Of those reviewed, how many upheld the original decision and how many didn't;
4. Resourcing of the RTI Unit, ie. how many FTE staff for each of the two financial years;
5. The amount of funding.
MSH-19-120 February 20194 Pages - Full Release*Ministerial briefing notes and attachments, audits, reports and related footage relating to power outages at hospitals 1 July 2018 to 5 November 2018
MSH-19-210 May 201962 Pages - Full Release*Reports, ministerial/executive briefings and attachments and executive meeting minutes relating to hospital parking revenue including the amount collected each  year for the past two years, how much is retained by the state government/Queensland Health, any fines issued by security officers for vehicles which has been parked too long on driveways/campus including the number and amount. *Irrelevant information has been removed under s.73 of the RTI Act
MSH-18-130 August 201818 Pages - Full Release*All documents regarding visits by Minister Mark Ryan or Shadow Minister Trevor Watts to the PA Secure Unit 12/12/17 to 19/07/18. *Irrelevant information has been removed under s.73 of the RTI Act
MSH-17-61 December 2017556 Pages - Full ReleaseAsbestos registers and testing/survey reports produced in relation to the PA Hospital.
MSH-17-59 June 201717 Pages - Full ReleaseReports of assaults involving weapons either by verbal threat or physical assault from 1 January 2014. *Irrelevant information has been removed under s.73 of the RTI Act.
MSH-17-421 September 20171 Page - Full ReleaseTotal amounts owing for Medicare Ineligible status as at 31 July 2017.
MSH-17-320 September 20172 Pages - Full ReleasePA Hospital Secure Unit - number of discharges, number of patients who had surgery, costs and service related groups (types of surgery) for Financial Year 2016-2017.
MSH-17-24 September 201733 Pages - Full ReleasePublic Health Orders (PHO's) and Public Health Regulation Prescribed Infringement Notices (PIN's) from 2009 onwards.
MSH-17-18 June 201740 Pages - Full ReleaseInformation/instruction to security staff to enforce or note enforce smoking on hospital grounds since the banning of smoking on all QLD hospital grounds + 5 meters - from September 2016 to 16 March 2017.
MSH-16-213 April 2016136 Pages - Full ReleaseDocuments since 1 January 2014, specifically briefing notes and reports relating to newborn baby mix-ups including mothers given the wrong babies for breastfeeding. *Irrelevant information has been removed under s.73 of the RTI Act
MSH-16-116 March 20161 Page - Full ReleaseSummary of matters substantiated and open matters of staff related incidents of theft or fraud since 1/1/2014
MSH-15-517 December 2015160 Pages - Full ReleaseDocuments since 1/1/2013 relating to the number of applications each year for prosthetic limbs, how many provide and costs, the number of applications each year for refitting of prosthetic limbs, the number provided and costs, Briefing notes and reports regarding the provision of prosthetics and related issues
MSH-15-47 September 20152 Pages - Full ReleaseStatistical data report relating to patient deaths whereby dehydration and/or malnutrition were detected since 1/1/2012
MSH-15-326 June 2015136 pages - full releaseBottom Line number of schools (including daycare and childcare centres) and kids in the Logan Beaudesert area who were involved in tooth brushing programs and oral health education programs from year to year over the last 10 years.
MSH-15-222 April 2015122 pages - full releaseWorkforce Profile provided to QH/Department of Health Jul 2012-Dec2014, Workforce profile for Nursing skill mix Jul 2012 - Dec 2014, Affected position spread sheets Dec 2013-Dec 2014, Voluntary Separation Packages Jul 2012-Dec 2014.
MSH-15-11 April 2015226 pages - full releaseCorrespondence to or from the board and/or CEO regarding the veracity and/or accuracy of claims about reductions in waiting times for elective surgery 2013 to present
MSH-14-43 December 2014635 pages - full release, 29 pages part releaseDocuments relating  to the proposed Community Health Precinct in Wynnum.
MSH-14-35 November 2014673 Pages - full releaseMedication purchased and total amount of money spent on medication for prisoner use - financial years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14.
MSH-14-220 February 20146 Pages - full releaseInformation regarding the purchases of processed fruit by all hospitals and health services that are part of Metro South Hospital and Health Service - Oct 2012 to Sept 2013.
*NB applicable charge of $451.50 required before release.
MSH-14-18 April 2014349 pages - full releaseInformation outlining all roles/positions that have been or are to be affected by the structure and/or the restructure of the HHS (1 July 2012 - 10 December 2013).
MSH-13-824 October 201316 pages - full release, 3 pages - part releaseDetails of investigation and outcome of an incident at Princess Alexandra Hospital where it is alleged that contract plumbers turned off water supply to the dialysis unit.
MSH-13-726 August 2013151 pages - full releaseUse of scalpels and safety issues, compliance with standards, incidents and documents relating to scalpel disposal.
MSH-13-623 July 201396 pages - full releaseDocuments produced in the last year of any incidents in emergency departments where staff have been assaulted and recommendation/action taken, number of incidents annually for the last three years where such assaults have occurred and any recommendations produced in the last year in relation to improving security for hospital staff.
MSH-13-510 July 201349 pages - full releaseMetro South Review of Oral Health Services.
MSH-13-48 July 2013150 pages - full releaseReview of Metro South Finance Function and Review of Metro South Education, Training and Professional Development functions - reports and response.
MSH-13-330 April 2013215 pages - full releaseDocuments produced in the last 12 months showing information about ward or partial ward closures and loss of ICU beds and any other bed losses at the Princess Alexandra Hospital that have not already been publically released.
MSH-13-212 April 201376 pages - full releaseCommunity and Primary Health Services Review of Alignment to Metro South Health Priorities (October 2012).
MSH-13-125 March 201362 pages - full releaseDocuments that were prepared by Queensland Health and Metro South Health that informed the recently announced plan for changes to Wynnum and Bayside Health Services (March 2012 - 4 February 2013).
MSH-12-16 December 2012132 pages - full releaseOrganisational Documents related to the consideration by Metro South Health HHS of outsourcing Queensland Health functions or services, including pathology, payroll, radiography, oncology, oral health, medical imaging, pharmacy (central or hospital based), IT, records, gardening, maintenance, cleaning, training and catering (24 March 2012 - 16 October 2012).
Last updated 6 October 2021
Last reviewed 30 July 2019