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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources

Family Recipes

Food is a way to connect with family and community. Our recipe collection includes familiar favourites, along with recipes to save you time and money. These tried and tested meals suit all cooking levels and use minimal kitchen equipment. We have cooked and improved these recipes many times so they are tasty, healthy and make home cooking as convenient as possible.

These recipes work well for group cooking classes and can be increased for large community events.

The cost of each recipe is based on how much you need to buy all ingredients from scratch, making it cheaper if you already have items in your cupboard. Prices are based on South East Queensland supermarket prices (current as of February 2020).

Favourite Family Feeds

Healthier versions of meals loved by families.

Fast Family Feeds

Get these meals on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Family Feed Savers

Recipes to save you time and money on home cooking.

Pantry Family Feeds

Using long life pantry items and minimal cooking equipment.

3 Family Feeds for $40

Every ingredient needed to make 3 meals for $40. With minimal preparation, get each recipe on the table in under 30 minutes.

Healthy Jarjums

This resource is to assist early childhood professionals implement activities and teach young children about foods that are good for their bodies. Better nutrition improves quality of life. This resource will also contribute to embedding Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander perspectives in the early years curriculum by teaching children in years P-3 about healthy food from an Indigenous perspective.

Which Way / Deadly Nutrition

'The deadly way' posterThese resources were developed to promote healthy eating and physical activity in a culturally appropriate way within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. These visually appealing tools are useful for drawing attention to nutrition promotion activities at community events and making workplaces more welcoming and inclusive.

'Which Way… The healthy way'

Deadly nutrition

Last updated 16 August 2021
Last reviewed 16 August 2021