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Health alert: Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

10,000 Steps Take Time Challenge

Improve your physical and mental health by taking part in the 10,000 Steps Take Time Challenge hosted by Addiction and Mental Health Services and the Brisbane South PHN.

The 10,000 Steps Take Time Challenge is a two-week healthy lifestyle challenge (from 10 to 23 October 2020) aimed at encouraging participants to make changes to improve physical and mental wellbeing. The challenge is open to Metro South Health and Brisbane South PHN staff as well as local NGOs.

Earn bonus steps by eating more fruit and vegetables or submit a video about healthy ways to manage anxiety.

How to sign up

  • Decide who will be the Team Captain and ensure the Team Captain has signed up to the 10,000 Steps program as a ‘participant’.
  • Send an email to the Addiction and Access Services Preventative Team include your team name and team captain’s name. Start organising your team of 3 – 20 people (this can include staff working from home)
  • The Preventative Team will set-up your team and send further instructions so your Team Captain can add and manage team members; and you can earn bonus points
Last updated 14 September 2020
Last reviewed 14 September 2020